Dentakings is a professional, independent practice was we are committed in providing a high quality and affordable dental care in a calm and friendly atmosphere. We are very passionate about our dental care and put the patient at the heart of everything we do. We offer flexible open hours to make your visit to the dentist as convenient as possible. We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. You will be told exactly how much your treatment will cost, number of sittings you need to visit, time taken for your treatment to get over and our treatment plan before procedure begins. With compassion, honesty and dedication
All our doctors are committed to continuing dental education attending short courses at home and abroad. Our practice also has seminar sessions where in-house training goes on regularly. This helps us to bring wealth of experience to our practice

Our continuous commitment to professional excellence, our massive investment in technology and constant skill and knowledge acquisition has been blessed by God as well as patients putting us in the front line of private dental clinics in Chennai.

MISSION     to create everlasting, affordable and satisfying dental care and exceed our patients expectations of a dental treatment
VISION     to achieve a greatest heights In the world of dentistry through continuous innovation, dedication to the quality, compassion and affordable dental treatments.

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