Laser Teeth Bleaching

Laser Teeth Whitening

Why Choose the Biolaser Whitening System?

Unlike most other whitening systems which take around one hour, this laser laser whitening only takes 20 minutes to complete.

Typically, the laser brightens teeth 6 to 12 shades, and the process can be completed in one visit.

The laser provides a safe, effective and comfortable mean to whiten discolored teeth.

A rejuvenated smiles revitalizes your self-confidence and self-image.

Over-the-counter bleaching systems can soften or weaken your tooth/gum line, however with laser whitening, a protective liquid dam is placed over your tooth/gum line to prevent damage.

The Laser Whitening Process

Before the gel is applied, surface plaque and superficial stains are removed. The liquid dam is applied to prevent sensitivity, only the whitening area remains exposed.

Once the gel is mixed, it is applied to the whitening area. The eZlase laser is prepared, and used to activate the gel over the complete target area. The gel is then washed off, and the entire process is repeated a second time to ensure maximum efficiency.

Once the second treatment is complete, the gel and liquid dam are rinsed and removed. The whole process takes around 20 minutes, and now your smile is brighter!

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