Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants are the natural way of replacing missing teeth.

These Dental Implants are made of titanium which is fully bio-compatible material. It means the Implant will merge with the body tissue, without causing any reactions.

These Dental Implants are screw like structure which is inserted into the bone to get a good stability. After getting a sound stability a crown will be placed on the top of the Implant to bring this implant to function.


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Dental Implant Procedure


Types of Implants

Dental Implants can be broadly classified into two groups:

  1. Conventional Dental Implants (Delayed placement and Delayed Loading).
  2. Advanced Dental Implants (Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading)


Difference between Conventional Dental Implants and Advanced Dental Implants:

Advanced Dental Implant vs. conventional Dental Implants




Time Taken for implant placement Immediately or within 2 Days Takes 3 to 6 Months post extraction
InjectionsNeeded Only Once to Remove The Teeth Three Times Minimum
Surgical Procedure Only One Time Procedure Three Times Minimum
Permanent replacement Permanent teeth will be given Within 3 Days It Takes 6 Months to Give The Crown
Dentures No Need To Wear a Dentures 6 Months You Have To Wear removable Denture
Bone Grafting Not Necessary Most Of The Time It Is Needed
Cost Cheap price As It has only 1 component Costly as is Has May Complicated Component
Success Rate Shows An Excellent Success Can Not be Predicted


Procedure of Conventional Dental Implants:

If you have a bad tooth that has to be removed and you want it to be replaced.

By a conventional dental implants it has to be done by the following procedures:

Step 1: Giving one injection and remove the bad teeth.

Step 2: Allowing the area to heal for 3 months by doing nothing or by placing a bone graft.

Step 3: Giving another injection and placing the Implant by surgical method.

Step 4: Allowing Implants to heal for 3 months by doing nothing.

Step 5: Again giving an injection to expose the Implant fixing a gingival former.

Step 6: After 1 week removing the gingival former and replacing with abutment.

Step 7: Fix the crown on the top.

So it takes minimum 3 to 6 months and 3 surgical procedure to replace a missing tooth with conventional implants. Until then the patient has to wear a denture to replace that missing tooth.


Procedure of Advance Dental Implants:

If you have to remove a bad tooth and you want it to be replaced by an advanced dental Implant. It will be done by the following procedure:

Step 1: Giving an injection and removing the bad teeth.

Step 2: Placing an advanced dental implants at the removed tooth region on the same sitting.

(Which avoids 2 more surgery and injections)

Step 3: After 3 days placing a cap on the top of the implants

Which allows you to go back to normal life just within 3 days or otherwise in traditional implant it takes 6 months to go back to your normal life.

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