Dental Implants in India



“Placing an implant by Painless and Flapless technique”

Flapless Implant Placement is the Placement of Implants into the bone without soft tissue flap reflection. That is without surgically cutting the gums.


When dental Implants are placed by raising the mucoperiosteal flap, there is an associated bone loss at the site. Leaving the periosteum intact on buccal and lingual aspects of the ridge maintains a better blood supply to the site, reducing the likelihood of resorption.

Flapless technique may be considered in conjunction with either single stage or immediate loading Implants.

Many ADVANTAGES for both the patient and the surgeon:

• Minimally Invasive.
• Reduces post-operative pain.
• Minimized bleeding.
• No stitches necessary.
• After the tooth is given, there is no gum shrinkage that causes gap between cap and gums.
• Accelerated post-surgical healing.
• Reduced operative time.
• Increased patient comfort and satisfaction.
• Decreased bone resorption.
• Ridge contour can be preserved.

Truth about Dental implants


There is a lot of myths and wrong ideas, fears about dental implants among patients .The sad truth is this is more prevalent among the dentists also…

Instead of telling and discussing about the myths and wrong beliefs about implants. We discussed about the TRUTHS ABOUT IMPLANT TREATMENT

1. Implant treatment is simple, painless procedure
2. It can be done blood less, painless procedure (flapless technique)
3. It can be done under local anesthesia
4. Most of the patients need only basic intraoralx-ray and /or OPG.NO need for any advanced CT SCANS for all patients
5. Implants can be done without expensive, complicated bone grafting procedures
6. Teeth can be given in one day to 3 days .No need to wait for months before getting the teeth
7. Age is not a contraindication for implants provided the patient is medically healthy
8. Implants are affordable…to know the exact fees for your condition mail us at

9. Nopost-operativepain,swelling. No need to take rest.
10. Evendiabetics, smokers can get implants with success and without any complication
11. Implants are predictable with nearly 100 % success. That is one of the reason we are giving “Life time Warranty”
12. The life time of implants is more than the life time of your tooth!
13. Dental implant with fixed teeth improve the chewing efficiency, improve smile, and improve confidence, improve the quality of life.

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