Challenges of Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients

Dental Implants are the ideal treatment option for people with missing teeth. Since the implants are directly anchored into the jaw bone they provide more stability, durability and a natural look than other treatment options. Diabetes is considered to be a risk factor for implant treatment and people with poorly controlled diabetes are considered contraindications for dental implant treatment. Here is more information.

Primary challenges in Diabetic Patients

It is a known fact that patients with diabetes have delayed wound healing. Since the dental implant is placed in a cavity inside the jawbone, the fusion of the implant with the jaw bone (osseointegration) is affected. Diabetes also affects the healing of the implant site. Due to these factors, patients with diabetes undergoing dental implant placement have a much higher rate of failure than non-diabetic patients.

Other Challenges for Diabetic Patients

People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from gum diseases. This occurs due to the fact that people with diabetes have higher glucose concentration in their saliva which aid in the growth of harmful bacteria. Advanced gum diseases can cause the gums to pull away leading to loosening of teeth. In this process, they also weaken the jaw bone. That is why Implants are not recommended until the existing gum diseases have been completely eliminated in diabetic patients.

As mentioned earlier, patients with diabetes have impaired healing mechanisms. This means that patients with diabetes usually take a longer time to heal than non-diabetic patients. The longer healing period creates a greater risk of infection. Though infection after the implant surgery is treatable they can cause implant failure sometimes. So this factor needs to be kept in mind.

Are all diabetic patients disqualified from having Dental Implants?

Absolutely not! Having diabetes does not disqualify a diabetic from getting dental implants. Several studies have shown that dental implants in diabetic patients have a success rate of over 90% if only they have kept their diabetes under control. With a little extra care, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Knowing the risks involved for diabetic patients getting dental implants and understanding how to prevent them will guarantee you a successful treatment with long-lasting dental implants.

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