There was a time when you have to wait for a minimum of 6 months after removing the tooth to place an implant. And you have to wait another 6 months after placing the implant to get the crown on the top.

Fast forward and everything changed when the concept of Immediate Implants and Immediate Loading entered the field of Implantology in dentistry.

  • Immediate Implants are specially made Implants which can be placed immediately after extraction of a tooth.
  • Immediate Loading Implants are the implants in which the crown can be given and the occlusal load can be delivered immediately after placement of the Implants.

Nowadays, there are many companies that produce implants that can be placed immediately. But crowns cannot be placed immediately in all of them.

But in IHDE Dental Company’s Implants, the BCS Implants and BOI Implants are Immediate Placement Implants and Immediate Loading Implants. They show stupendous success rate when compared to implants from other companies.

After the arrival of IDHE Dental Implants, Implantology became simple and effective for both Implantologists and patients. This Advanced Implants made single visit Implantology a possibility.

How Are Single Visit Implants Done?

Step 1 – Local anaesthesia is administered to make the implant-to-be-placed area numb.

Step 2 – Your grossly decayed tooth is removed without pain.

Step 3 – An Implant is immediately be placed in the extraction site without any additional injections.

Step 4 – An Impression of your mouth along with the implant is taken and sent to the lab.

Step 5 – Within 3 days the permanent crown will be fixed with luting cement.

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