5 Interesting things to do to take care of your Children’s Teeth

Many people have the misconception that young children’s oral hygiene is not that important because of the fact that permanent teeth will replace their first set of teeth which is the Milk teeth. Milk teeth need to be given as much care as the permanent teeth. The white bright appearance of milk teeth of children does not mean that their teeth are protected or healthy. The health of the milk teeth in children is important for the proper eruption of their permanent teeth. Early loss of milk teeth can cause misalignment of the permanent teeth or other orthodontic problems concerning the alignment of the teeth. Here are five interesting things to do with your children so that they take care of their oral hygiene from early on.

5 Interesting tips to take care of your children’s teeth

  • Allow them to choose their toothbrush – Let your kids pick their own toothbrush. Allow them to buy toothbrushes of their favourite colour or even toothbrushes with their favourite cartoon character on it. This motivates the children to brush twice a day. You could also try buying fruity flavoured toothpaste to make brushing their teeth less inconvenient.
  • Brush with them – Make brushing a fun time activity that you and your children do together. Let brushing not be a serious activity. Play a fun game together while brushing your teeth to make less like a daily chore.
  • Create a reward system – Rewards motivate children. Create a long term or short term reward system whichever suits your children better and reward them for properly brushing their teeth. This system has proved to be a simple yet effective method for many parents.
  • Set up a routine – Make it a habit of keeping a schedule for brushing teeth on a particular time twice every day. Make them brush every day at the same time as yesterday. This act brings about a discipline and helps them incorporate it as part of their routine.
  • Set up a Timer game – Set up a timer for about two minutes and ask your children to brush their teeth for a whole 2 minutes. This allows the children to focus only on brushing with no distractions. Counting down to the last second can also be a fun activity to do with your children while brushing their teeth.

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