Fluoride Application

Fluoride is a natural element (usually available as a gel form) which is known to make the teeth stronger and healthier. Delivery of fluoride topically to the teeth helps them fight decay.

Indications of Fluoride Therapy

–          White Spots

–          Active Decay

–          Moderate to high-risk patients prone to tooth decay

–          Patients with decreased saliva flow

This fluoride gel is applied on the teeth using a brush and instructions given by the dentist should be followed. This procedure has to be repeated after 6 months.


Is your child complaining of food sticking in his mouth and troubling you by not drinking hot milk or letting his ice cream melt? Then you can safely guess that TOOTH DECAY is the reason. When a tooth starts decaying your child will complain of food impactions and sensitivity to hot and cold food. Due to the fear and lack of words, they will not be able to communicate it to you. So if you see these complaints in your child bring them to the dentists. A normal dental filling can be done to your child because the top priority is saving their tooth.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

These are the cement that is basically used in preventive care for decay-prone teeth. The teeth which have deep groves tend to lodge the food within their fissures and are difficult to clean. Hence these grooves are shaved into easy cleanable and shallow groves and sealed with sealants. This is indicated in the child’s milk molars and early permanent molars.

Pulp therapy

Tooth decay starts from the visible outer layer and proceeds to the innermost layers causing pain and unbearable sensitivity to the tooth. This tooth makes it difficult for your child to chew the food. Hence the innermost layer known as the pulp need to be removed, treated and sealed using the crown for it last long. A milk tooth needs to be saved because it helps in

–          Chewing and munching

–          Phonetics

–          Guides the permanent tooth during an eruption


A tooth which is grossly decayed and where pulpal therapy will not be useful, it is recommended to be extracted. Sometimes tooth removal is required for prevention of orthodontic treatment in the future. At Denta Kings, we make sure to provide the treatment as painless as possible.

Space Maintainer

In case of early exfoliation or early removal of the milk tooth, an empty space is left behind which leaves the adjacent tooth to migrate into the empty space. If this happens, the permanent tooth gets no space to erupt. Hence a space maintainer should be provided near the empty space in a fixed manner. So when the permanent tooth erupts it pushes the space maintainer out.

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