Trefoil Nobel Implant surgery

Trefoil Nobel implants are perfect implants for people with the edentulous mandible. The implant system uses a pre-manufactured titanium bar. The surgeon can fix this implant type on a single day with some effort. The prosthesis is flexible to any inherent deviations from the implant position.

Main Benefits of Trefoil Nobel Implants

  • Single sitting implants for the edentulous is a possibility with Trefoil Nobel Implants.
  • The pre-manufactured titanium bar simplifies the creation of acrylic prosthesis. Consequently saving a lot of time in restorative procedures.
  • The titanium bar has adaptive joints that are adjustable. Thus allowing them to be flexible to any horizontal, vertical or angular deviations from the ideal implant position.
  • The pre-manufactured titanium bar also enables people with a considerable bone loss to get the implant. As a result, this allows people to get implants without bone grafting procedures.
  • Unlike conventional prosthetics, the time to teeth is lesser in Trefoil Nobel implants.

Kit used for Trefoil Nobel Dental Implants


General maintenance after getting Trefoil Nobel Implants

Do not disturb the implant site while chewing after fixing the dental implant. Avoid smoking or any forms of tobacco usage strictly until further instructed by the dentist. Abstaining from alcohol consumption is prime for the healing of the implant. Diabetic patients should keep their blood sugar levels in control for at least 6 months to ensure proper integration of the implant with the jaw bone structures. Good oral hygiene should be maintained for life to ensure the survival and proper function of the implants. Make sure to visit the dentist for your routine check-ups after the implant procedure.

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Other Types of Dental Implants

For People with Different Dental Implants Need

Teeth-in-2-days (Immediate Loading)

Unlike traditional implants, Same-Day Dental Implants can be had in a short time by Immediate Loading.

Single Visit Dental Implants

Immediate Implants are specially made Implants which can be placed immediately after extraction of a tooth.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic Implants are longer than ordinary dental implants and engage the very strong cheekbone.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants are indicated for anyone who requires a complete upper or lower arch restoration or both.

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