Smile Designing or Hollywood Smile Makeover is an art of dentistry. It’s essentially a dental facelift. It does not involve a single procedure but includes a comprehensive treatment plan which is customizable for each individual. In other words smile, designing allows each individual to achieve a perfect smile

Even a small change for instance, like the curvature of your teeth, the position of your lip, the colour of your teeth can bring about a big difference in your smile. Smile Designing thus requires vast knowledge, skill, and experience. At Denta Kings, we provide you with both.

Smile designing procedures may include one or more following procedures according to your needs. Some of the procedures are

1)      Orthodontic Correction

2)      Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

3)      Veneers

4)      Gummy Smile Correction

5)      Crowns and Bridges

6)      Replacement of Missing Teeth

7)      Tooth Length Alteration

We involve the patients in smile enhancement process by making them co-designers of their own treatment. At the same time, by expressing their desire and sharing the objectives, the patients create a path to a natural, confident and a beautiful smile by collaborating with the dentists.

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