Trefoil Nobel implants are perfect implants for people with the edentulous mandible. The implant system uses a pre-manufactured titanium bar. The best thing about this implant type is that they can be fixed on a single day with some effort. The prosthesis is fixed and is flexible to any inherent deviations from the implant position.

The main benefits of Trefoil Nobel implants are

  • Single sitting implants for the edentulous is a possibility with Trefoil Noble Implants.
  • The pre-manufactured titanium bar simplifies the creation of acrylic prosthesis. It saves a lot of time in restorative procedures.
  • The pre-manufactured titanium bar has adaptive joints that can be adjusted. These joints can very well be flexed to any horizontal, vertical or angular deviations from the ideal implant position.
  • The pre-manufactured titanium bar also enables people with a considerable bone loss to get the implant without bone grafting procedures.
  • The time to teeth is shorter by almost six months when compared to conventional prosthetics.
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