Can people with heart diseases get dental implants?

There is no other better replacement than Dental Implants for the loss of one or more teeth. Dental Implants are dual purpose in nature. It works not only as an aesthetic replacement for a tooth but it also restores the lost tooth’s functionality. Dental Implants can be used as a treatment solution in a wide variety of situations. Dental Implants can serve as a replacement for the loss of one or more teeth, or who have lost all their teeth. But who can get dental implants? Can people with heart diseases get dental implants?

General Contraindications of Dental Implants

People with the following medical conditions or people who satisfy the below-mentioned condition cannot get dental implants.

  • Leukemia
  • Cancer
  • Blood coagulation disorders
  • Radiation therapy or Chemotherapy
  • Underage people i.e. patients under 16 years old
  • Pregnant women.

This raises the question, “Can people with heart diseases get dental implants”?

Any procedure, major or minor, can pose a threat to heart patients. Complications of re-infection, complications of combining medications are some of the complications that pose threat to heart patients. Giving a dental implant was also one of those procedures that used to cause complications for heart patients, until recently.

Over several years after its introduction, Dental implants kept getting better and better with newer technological advancements that allow almost anyone to get dental implants now. With the newer and less invasive treatment and surgical methods, dental implant procedures allow heart patients to undergo the dental implant procedure with fewer to no complications. It also allows for better long term survival of the implant without almost any interruption with the anticoagulant medications they take. Anti-coagulant medications are blood thinners (like aspirin) that are prescribed as lifelong medications for patients who have undergone a prosthetic valve replacement or for a patient with deep vein thrombosis.

However, even though several advancements have been made, and getting dental implants for heart patients have become easier, nothing should be left to chance. You need to inform your Implantologist about your heart-related ailments or for that matter any disease or prevalent medical conditions. This helps your implantalogist to prepare adequately and take precautions before you undergo implantation. Sometimes the implantologist also makes it a point to speak to your cardiologist before you can proceed to get dental implants.

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