Can you get implants immediately after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction procedures are done only when the tooth has decayed beyond salvage point. In some trauma cases, the tooth has to be extracted due to the extensive damage it has suffered. Nowadays people wish to replace the extracted tooth immediately with dental implants in the same sitting. This tendency is more when front teeth are extracted as the aesthetic of the smile is lost. You can get your implants immediately after your tooth has been extracted. These specialized implants are called Immediate Dental Implants.

What is Immediate Dental Implants?

Unlike conventional Implants, where you are required to extract your tooth and wait for about 3-4 months after which the implant can be placed, in immediate dental implants, you can get your tooth extracted and implanted on the same day. In Immediate Dental Implants, you are sedated and your tooth is extracted and an immediate dental implant is placed into the extraction site and restored with a temporary crown. All these procedures are done within a day.

5 Benefits of Immediate Dental Implants

  1. They do not consume as much as time as conventional dental implants.
  2. It is much painless.
  3. It helps in preserving gum and bone tissues.
  4. The entire procedure is done in one sitting and does not involve any stitches.
  5. The newly implanted tooth will look as good as new original teeth.

What are the criteria for a successful Immediate Dental Implant?

Patients are indicated for an immediate dental Implant if and only if the following points are satisfied. The patient is closely examined by the dentist for

  • Buccal plate – The buccal plate of the patient must be intact and must be thicker than 1.5 mm, otherwise it may cause the implant to fail.
  • Primary Stability – The Primary stability of any Dental Implants depends on the surgical skill of the surgeon and the nature of the bone. A skilled surgeon can make an implant stable even in challenging bone conditions.
  • Implant Design – The magnitude or type of force applied on the bone-implant interface depends upon the design and biomechanics of the Implant. For example, a cylindrical implant transmits more force to the bone than a V or square thread implant. This is the reason why your dentist might suggest some specific dental implants over others.
  • The health of gum tissue – A healthy gum tissue plays an important role in the success of immediate dental implants. Studies show that people with healthy gum tissues have a higher success rate for immediate dental implants.

Disadvantages of Immediate Dental Implants

The main drawback of Immediate Dental Implants is patient selection. Immediate Dental Implants is not a treatment procedure that is suitable for all. With all the right criteria fulfilled, immediate dental implants is a boon to the patient, while in the event of a miss selection, Immediate dental implants can lead to failure.

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